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With the ecommerce industry set to hit $100 billion by 2020, can logistics business be far behind?

In the next couple of months QikPod, a company backed by the likes of Flipkart and ace investor Accel Partners, plans to unveil dozens of lockers across Bengaluru in information technology parks and commercial and residential complexes. Founded by serial entrepreneur Ravi Gururaj, this venture wants to recast how deliveries are made in India's white-hot ecommerce industry. The venture that is still under wraps wants to do this by moving from a synchronous system of parcels hand-delivered by courier firms, to an asynchronous model, where shipments are left in a secure locker to be unlocked with a code sent by text message to users. Rather than fret about being at home or at work to receive a delivery and deal with repeated calls for directions from delivery agents, QikPod's lockers will aid ecommerce firms with more and faster deliveries. QikPod's business model also envisions aggregation rather than fragmentation of demand — Flipkart can deliver 1,000 parcels to a single neighbourhood or IT park, rather than make time-consuming and costly individual deliveries. "We want to have our lockers where consumers live, work, transit and shop," Gururaj says.